Automatic sack placers

Walthambury sack placing solutions reduce the need for operator input at the bagging head. Sacks are placed rapidly and accuratly to maintain a uniformity of fill and seal of the bag.

M958 Walthambury Automatic Sack Placer (WASP)
WASP-Lite Economy Sack Placer
Based around a feed and pinch roller system providing precise bag registration, consistent bag pick up and placing. This simple design, agile mechanical solution incorporate many features for robust reliability.  
Key Benefits
  • Paper, plastic or woven polyprop bags.
  • Up to 10 bags/min - dependant on material / product.
  • Easily integrated with existing or new installations.
  • Automatic 2 x 200 (400 bag) magazine.P.L.C. controlled
Optional Extras
  • Stainless Steel for food quality.
  • Belt fed version available.
Ideal for lower throughput sack placing applications, the MASP Lite features simple, reliable design and a robust balance of economy and performance. 
Key Benefits
  • Single chamber, 150 sacks.
  • Paper or plastic sacks.
  • Venturi vacuum unit minimises noise, improves reliability and allows precise bag pick-up and release control.
  • Simple mechanical design utilising ‘off the shelf’ components,
    results in high reliability, low downtime and cost of ownership.
  • Flexible design allows easy integration with existing or new installations from most filling manufacturers systems.
  • PLC controlled for long term reliability and minimum cycle times giving optimum throughput on a wide variety of bag sizes.
  • Maximum speed up to 350 bags per hour.
Optional Extras
  • Stainless Steel for food quality.
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